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I am Marianna Everson. I love this place, and I couldn't stop if I tried.

I am a nurse, mother, union member, and proud fighter for working families running for Washington State Representative from Legislative District 19. From Aberdeen to Longview, from South Bend to Skamokawa, it's time for Southwest Washington to elect someone who truly represents the people of our district.

Marianna Everson, RN

For Washington State Representative, Legislative District 19 (D)

"I grew up right here in Grays Harbor County, Washington, in the heart of Southwest Washington. I come from working-class timber workers. My dad was a log-truck driver and my step-dad a millwright and saw filer. My grandfather was also a saw filer. I'm a nurse, a union member, and a mom. Our legacy is one of a strong work ethic and solidarity. I love this place, I fight for this place, and I will take the fight all the way to Olympia."


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, 40 million of us have filed for unemployment and our District has some of the highest unemployment in the state.

While corporate billionaires got more than $550 billion richer, our jobs, our small businesses, our health, and our lives are on the line. And those of us just scraping by are shouldering an outrageously unfair tax burden compared to the super-wealthy.

Whether your top concern is healthcare, a living-wage job, your kids’ education, where you’ll sleep at night, or keeping your business alive, Timber Country deserves a representative with the knowledge, determination, and experience to lead us out of the pandemic and into better days. ​

"I will stand up for what working people in our district urgently need: universal healthcare for every person, affordable healthy housing, fully-funded education for our children, fair taxes, and a healthy economy with living-wage job opportunities and job training"


The system is broken.

Together, we'll fix it.​

I pledge to take NO corporate PAC money. We are powered by the people.

I commit to using every spare moment to bring people together and win.

Will you commit to a few dollars a month to power our movement?

Recurring donations mean we can sustain the campaign.

Even $5 means a lot.

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