For Washington State Representative, Legislative District 19 (D)


The system is broken. Together, we'll fix it.

Life in rural Washington is tough.


Working-class and poor folks across Timber Country deserve a representative with the knowledge and determination to lead us out of a pandemic. COVID-19 has changed us forever, and as we navigate this new normal we must recognize that we can't go back to the same old ways. We can come out stronger. I will fight alongside you for universal healthcare, safe and affordable housing, fully-funded education, fair taxes, and a healthy economy with living-wage jobs. Not sometime in the future: NOW. No distractions. No dirty money from corporate interests. No BS.

This is why I am running for state representative.


I will stand with you in this fight by bringing real-life experience as a Registered Nurse to our legislature. I will bring evidence-based practice and a deep caring for the people of our communities to Olympia. Together, will make this a place where everybody - every single person - can not only survive, but thrive!

I am Marianna Everson. I love this place, and I couldn't stop if I tried.

I am a nurse, mother, union member, and Progressive Democrat running for Washington State Representative from Legislative District 19 (position 1). I am leading a movement with a singular vision:

We will be a place where everyone thrives!


I am Timber Country.

NOW is the time to elect a representative who has a deep understanding of what it means to live here.

I was raised here. I understand our struggles because I have lived our struggles.

When I was growing up in Montesano, my dad worked a union job at a saw mill. Like many parents at the time, he earned enough to comfortably raise a family in Grays Harbor. Sadly, my generation is the last to grow up that way all across timber country. Timber companies cut down all of our trees, gathered the profits of our labor, and left us to die.


It became clear that I would not be able to earn enough to live a comfortable life without a higher education. I struggled to pay for college. I went into debt. I worked low-wage jobs. I had to put my education on hold to survive. 


Later, I struggled to find affordable housing as a single mom. I lived at the women’s shelter with two toddlers while I planned my family’s future. Our social safety net saved us. 


Today, even with a career as a nurse, my family struggles to afford healthcare, housing, and pay for our children’s


Please join me. I look forward to listening to, working with, and serving the hardworking people of Washington’s 19th District. Together, we will be a community where everyone thrives.

Join the Movement

"You can't fix corruption if you're taking it's money." - Bernie Sanders

I pledge to take NO corporate PAC or corporate special interest money. We are powered by the people. 


I commit to using every spare moment to bring people together and get elected, will you commit to a few dollars a month to power our movement? Reoccurring donations mean we can sustain the campaign all year, even $5 means a lot.




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