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Together, we will 

Transform Southwest WA

We are done being walked over.


Southwest Washington deserves a representative whose only special interests are the people who live here, not the Wall Street corporations who have stripped us of our natural resources, hoarded the profits of our hard work, and left us to struggle. The pandemic has only made this struggle harder for working families and small businesses. As so many of us lose our jobs, care for our children at home, or worry about getting sick on the job, billionaires have raked in over $550 billion. We all deserve to live and work in dignity. We deserve healthcare for every person, fully funded education, fair taxation, and living-wage jobs. Not sometime in the future: now.

 We know what we need.

It's time to elect someone who will fight for it.

Economic and Health Recovery from COVID-19

We should not have to sacrifice our health and our lives so that corporations and billionaires can make a buck. We can make sure that all of us make it through this crisis with our heads above water. It is not acceptable to lose one more person or leave anyone financially ruined in a state with the wealthiest people on earth. We can invest in our healthcare industry by educating the healthcare workers we need. We can cover everyone’s healthcare costs. We can invest in small businesses. We can ensure everyone keeps or obtains a home. Can provide cash assistance for working families. We must be willing to do it.

Healthcare as a Human Right

Too many people in SW WA are uninsured and under-insured, made even worse by the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. We can cover everyone, providing for all essential health benefits for less than we pay now with the Whole Washington Health Trust.

Adequate income and wages for a dignified life

The people of our area are working hard and not making enough to live a dignified life. People on fixed incomes are falling behind and unemployment is at crisis levels. We can get through this by investing in each other, ensuring unemployment payments are sent out, and making our largest employers pay adequate wages to their workers. 

Fully funded and safe schools

Parents and kids are worried about what the school year will bring, and the stories from around the country of increased cases of COVID-19 after opening schools don’t help us feel any safer. We will continue to invest in our children by fully funding public education and preparing for distance learning by setting up public wifi and getting a device in every kid’s hand. We will not sacrifice our children's futures with unnecessary cuts to the vital programs and staff that keep our children safe and learning.

Healthy affordable housing

Even before COVID-19 we had thousands of people without a home in our district, and now we are in danger of having thousands more. Many of us with housing struggle with chronic mold issues, rising rents, and high utility bills. We need immediate investment in creating good jobs right here in our region, building affordable housing and repairing existing housing stock across SW Washington.

Fair taxes to lift the burden for working families

We are facing down a $9 billion budget gap that threatens medicare and medicaid coverage, funding for community colleges, public education funding, in-home care coverage, and more. This would mean the loss of thousands of jobs and cuts to essential programs that are a matter of life and death for many of us. 


Some politicians tell us that there is nothing we can do. There simply isn't enough to go around. But what they are really saying is they don't want their billionaire and corporate donors to pay their fair share. Washington’s super-rich billionaires pay just 2% of their soaring incomes in taxes, while working families foot the bill, paying 18% of our incomes in taxes. In the state housing two of the three richest men on earth, working people should not be bearing the majority of the burden. Washington State has the most unfair tax system in the entire country. It’s not right, it’s not fair, and it’s wrecking the state budget that our rural and small-town communities rely on. If billionaires pay their fair share, we can make sure our communities have what we need to thrive.