Transform Timber Country

Create Thousands of Good Paying Jobs

Mobilize the working people of Southwest Washington to  

  1. Repair roads, bridges, and highways, water systems, waste water plants;

  2. Upgrade our electrical grid; 

  3. Innovate new, sustainable ways to sequester carbon; 

  4. Manage our forests to avoid forest fires; 

  5. Retrofit our homes and buildings for energy efficiency; 

  6. Build public transportation systems powered by electricity;

  7. Manufacture, install and ship the components of sustainable energy (wind turbines, solar panels); 

  8. Harness the power of the ocean;

  9. Grow, process, and manufacture 50,000 products from Industrial Hemp

  10. Educate and train thousands of healthcare workers: caregivers, nurses, PA's, ARNP's and Doctors.

Empower Unions and Workers’ Rights
  1. Oppose all “right to work” legislation and overturn every gain that has been made in that direction;

  2. Close the overtime loop-hole by requiring employers to pay salaried workers for all their time at work;

  3. Require “just cause” standard, where termination decisions happen for a reason and that standards are applied equitability;

  4. Set public policy on secure scheduling. Workers need to know ahead of time when they are expected to be a work;

  5. Require the “gig economy” to pay a living wage of at least $15 an hour and expenses;

  6. Pass a workers’ bill of rights;

  7. Pass a 21st Century Washington State Wagner Act:

    1. Encourage collective bargaining and protecting the exercise of freedom of association;

    2. Defined and prohibited five unfair labor practices by employers, including ;

      1. Interfering with, restraining, or coercing employees against their rights; 

      2. Interfering with the formation of a labor organization; 

      3. Discriminating against employees to encourage or discourage forming a union; 

      4. Discriminating against employees who file charges or testify;

      5. Refusing to bargain collectively with the employees’ representative.

Whole Washington Health Trust


Boldly create a system that promotes health, protects life, and frees Washingtonians from medical debt by being free at the point of care and covering all essential health benefits including hospital care, primary care, mental health, drug treatment, prescription medications, dental, hearing and vision.

Mitigating the Worst Effects of the Climate Crisis

Transform our energy system, transportation system, industry, infrastructure, and agriculture in a restorative, just, and inclusive process that fits the scale and urgency of the crisis. Make the polluters pay for the transition, not the consumers. I do not support "Cap and Trade" legislation because the oil and gas industry passes that cost on to the people.

Transforming Washington’s Economy

The people of our district have spoken out loud and clear. We are taxed to our limit. In the state housing two of the three richest men in America, working people should not be bearing the majority of the burden. It is time to make bold changes to our economic system by reforming our tax system, investing in small business, demanding a living wage, and empowering workers.

  1. Create a Washington State Bank;

  2. Tax The Rich by creating a wealth tax;

  3. Reform our regressive tax system by eliminating state sales tax and instituting a progressive income tax; 

  4. Pass a progressive minimum wage tied to the cost of living and inflation;

  5. Empower and finance people to form worker co-ops and micro-enterprises.

  6. Fully fund the Washington Working Families tax credit.

Creating a Home for All of Us

Thousands of people in our area are homeless or on the brink of homelessness. The private sector is not providing homes for everyone. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the public sector to do it. We must invest in homes at the scale of the crisis by creating public housing, building affordable housing units, controlling rent prices, protecting tenants, regulating investment properties. We will make it the priority to actually create homes, not just fund programs.

Municipal Broadband

Invest in rural communities first by empowering the Public Utility Districts to provide high-speed fiber optic internet service to every home and public space.

Criminal Justice Reform
  1. Abolish private prisons in the State of Washington;

  2. Demilitarize the police force;

  3. Treat chemical dependency as a health issue, not a criminal issue;

  4. Expand and improve the Mobile Crisis Model for people in mental health crisis.

Strengthening and Empowering Public Schools
  1. Make all public school free to all from pre-K through a Bachelor's degree; 

  2. Fund Public Schools in a fair and equitable way where every student is an equal shot at an excellent education, and every teacher has the freedom to teach each student as the individual they are. Pay teachers what they are worth;

  3. Fund school psychologists, counselors, nurses, chemical dependency educators, before and after school programs. Free Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for every child;

  4. Universal Pre-K and Childcare;

    • The most important time in human development is birth to age 4. Every family deserves quality affordable childcare for their children. Educate thousands of childcare workers to offer early childhood education and have families pay in a progressive way that they can afford.

Gun Safety
  • I support the US Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment.

  • I support the Washington State Constitution, including Article 1, Section 24.

  • I support the individual’s right to own firearms, barring people with criminal, violent and certain mental health backgrounds.

  • I support comprehensive background checks.

  • I acknowledge that the right to bear arms is not absolute and subject to regulation.

  • I acknowledge that most legal gun owners are safe and responsible with their firearms.

  • I acknowledge that the majority of people who have a gun illegally got that gun from someone who had it legally, either through an illegal purchase or theft.

  • I acknowledge that there are people who hunt for food.

  • I acknowledge that people feel the need to protect their families and property.

  • I acknowledge that we are experiencing a gun violence epidemic.

  • I acknowledge that nearly half of all suicides in Washington are by guns.

  • I acknowledge that temporary extreme risk protection orders have saved lives, I will protect this law. 

  • I acknowledge that children and teens are impacted by exposure to gun violence, affecting their psychological and mental health.

  • I acknowledge that some regulations on firearms price-out people in a lower-income bracket; I will seek solutions that provide relief for these cases.

  • I acknowledge that a safer community is going to take a culture shift.

  • I reject the “good guy with a gun” myth.

  • I reject the necessity of military-style, rapid-fire firearms.

End Political Corruption  

End secret money so people know who’s buying political power.

  1. Stop political bribery so special interests can’t use job offers and donations to influence politicians.

  2. Fix our broken elections so the people, not the political establishment, are the ones in control.

  3. Support, strengthen, and expand the ballot initiative process to cities and counties.

  4. End State Preemption. Overturn state laws that preempt cities and communities in Washington from protecting their homes.

  5. Support the 28th Amendment to get money out of politics.

  6. Move to public financing of elections by expanding the voter-voucher program to include all of Washington.

  7. Implement Ranked Choice Voting

  8. Pass a “fairness doctrine” at the state level where local media must allow all campaigns an equal amount of commercial-free time to make their case.


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